Tea Infusion Skincare®

Behind Teaology there’s a patented technology like no other, designed precisely to convey the concentrated polyphenols that tea is so full of in each speciality. Its name is Tea Infusion Skincare®, a unique method extracting the active ingredients of different types of tea through a process of heat infusion using whole leaves of the plant (Camellia Sinensis). This infusion is a concentrate of antioxidant polyphenols and a genuine youth elixir for the skin.
Tea Infusion Skincare® is at the heart of Teaology products.
0% Water
100% Tea Infusion Skincare®
Teaology Research has conducted an independent study in collaboration with an important Italian University to validate the antioxidant efficacy of the Tea Infusion Skincare®.
®Patent N.102016000026298